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New Friends in A New City


When I was looking for short weekend escape ideas from Bavaria, I got invited by Vane and Mert to their hometown ; Stuttgart, the capital city of Baden-Württemberg.

The city was just 2 1/4 hours away from Munich. And I had never been there. There was no reason to decline.

I left the Bavarian capital early Saturday morning, was greatly impressed by Swabian mountains and taken by surprise when I arrived at the principal railway station in Stuttgart.

For years, I believed that it was one of the largest and richest cities in Germany, i.e. it was densely populated, had high concentration of the latest technology industry, and was filled with towering skyscapers and high-rise buildings — just like Frankfurt.

To my astonishment, it was very different from Germany’s financial center. Despite its economic significance, noticeable immigrant population, and international reputation for being the cradle of the automobile, the Swabian metropolis was nothing but a cozy, medium-sized city with a small town feel.




The city center can be reachable on foot from Stuttgart central station. Many museums and popular tourist attractions are located around the palace square. And you can find virtually everything you need on the Königstraße. The only exception is famous automobile museums which are located in outer city districts.

During my weekend trip, I stayed downtown and visited the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Old Castle / Regional History Museum and large state park. While those museums show how the city was founded, has been flourished and transformed, the park provides a green space for rest, play and photoshoot.




And I also enjoyed local specialities in the evening. Pan-fried tender steak with onions and local wine. They are known as “schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten” and “Fellbacher Lämmler” and available at a traditional Swabian restaurant or “Weinstube”, German wine tavern.



After a day of exploring the city, I went to lunch with my newly-met friends!


Pearl of the Orient


I have been staying in Hong Kong for about a week. I am here to find new business partners and hold a couple of meetings. And I think I know it is not the best time to visit this subtropical metropolis, former British colony, or China’s special administrative region or whatever. The Asia’s world city yet always offers you unique experiences and adventure.

I would like to document my experiences in the city called perl of the Orient.

Night Hike on Hong Kong Island

As a cycling enthusiast, I often climb hills on a racing road bicycle. I like climbing uphill. Wherever I go, I search for steep slopes and climb them on my bike or walk them up. Hence there is no wonder Mount Austin was a main highlight of my week.




Hong Kong is a city comprising of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and New Territories that includes more than 260 islands. As cycling enthusiasts may know, East Asian islands and peninsulas in general are hilly or mountainous.

Clearly HKI is no exception. There are a countless numbers of stairs out there. Sloping drives and inclined railway connect the city centre and upper levels. And you can even find scenic walking trails.

During my short stay on the island, I have spent most of my free time searching for hiking routes with wonderful views.




Stroll around a historical area of Kowloon

Apart from going to the mountain, I have traveled by foot to explore downtown Kowloon. This is my third time coming here but I have always spent most of my time on HKI, where our partner companies are headquartered. So one day I decided to sail across Victoria Harbour and visit the opposite shore.

I landed at the southernmost point in Kowloon peninsula and soon found that the area is filled with colonial-era architecture and historical sites as well as luxury stores and shopping malls. Pedestrians varied widely by age and nationality and sidewalks were crowded with travelers who took selfie pictures. I must have arrived at one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire region!




Passing through the lively, hectic and attention-grabbing shopping area, I came across a large park covered with tropical trees.

This urban green space seems to offer many recreational amenities and attracts not only overseas tourists but also local adults, families and children. There I found centuries-old banyan trees, life-size character statues, Chinese garden and even a flamingo pond.

I however had just little time to see the rest of the region. Unfortunately enough, I had to terminate my excursion to the continental part soon after visiting Kowloon Park.




Waterfront Run

Despite visibly poor air quality, high density and many stairs and stop lights, I encounter a handful of runners enjoying themselves every morning and evening. A few days after my arrival, I eventually joined them and jogged along side the harbor. Because the area was well-lit and drew countless visitors day and night, I felt safe and comfortable exercising there.


Although my week was almost filled with discussions and confrontations, I could at least push my boundaries and get to know this region a little better than before.